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On winning the 2015 Davitt Award

What can I say? I was thrilled.

The Davitt Awards are named for Australia's first female crime writer, Ellen Davitt (1812-1879) who wrote Australia’s first mystery novel, Force and Fraud, in 1865.

They're presented by Sisters in Crime at a Gala Dinner in Melbourne. I couldn't get there, mainly becuase I'm living in Santa Monica right now, but Mum went along to collect the prize for me, and she gave a speech which was perfect, since she edited the book for me, correcting all the little mistakes that would have gone directly into print without her.

I wish I could have been there but I'm thrilled none-the-less. Louisa's story is so important, and yet it's barely been told, and I really hope people see the Davitt sticker on the cover and pick up a copy and have a read because it's about justice, and human rights, and it's about our shared history ... and how far we've all come. Thank you to the Davitts!

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