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Books of the Year

I'm feeling grateful.

Last Woman Hanged has been selected as one of Booktopia's Books of the Year.

I'm also feeling stoked - in a strange kind of way! - because when you go to the link, you can see that Booktopia has no more *signed* copies of the book available. I thought I signed hundreds !! But if you are going to buy a signed copy of Last Woman Hanged this Christmas, I would love you to do so from Booktopia because they are: a) 100 per cent Australian owned; b) started by a couple of blokes determined to take on the big guns at Amazon; c) now employ hundreds of people; d) including the wonderful John Purcell and Andrew Cattanach who are extremely generous with their time, and support for Australian writers (and who are welcome to visit us in California any time!) Blessings!

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