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Louisa on the bestseller lists

Well, I couldn't be more thrilled.

Mum sent me this list of the Top 10 best-sellers from The Age this morning - and look at No. 3.

It's Last Woman Hanged.

Now, I realise it's the Military and History bestsellers - and my friend Peter FitzSimons is kicking my butt.

If it was the *actual* best-sellers lists, well ... there's a rumour going around the book-selling world that Pete Evans sold 8000 copies of his Paleo diet book in the first three days!

If true, he's on track to have the best-selling book not only of the year but of the whole decade. That's monster sales!

Truth be told, Louisa will be well behind ALL the diet books - which is fine and dandy.

But don't forget, as you set out to buy your summer reading this year, to nourish your mind as well as your truly-already-gorgeous body.

Louisa's story is written to thrill all your senses. Pick it up and you will be able to:

Discover your nation's history.

Celebrate the courage of the women who came before you.

Salute their determined campaign - against all odds - to try to save a poor woman's life.

Despair at the horror of the hangman.

Cheer for Louisa's plucky children.

Marvel at the determination of the early suffragettes to get the vote for you .. and for your daughters.

Remind the book stores that you DO want to hear women's stories. You ARE interested in the role we played in making this country a shining beacon of women's freedom.

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