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Last Woman Hanged on Breakfast with Fran Kelly, on ABC Radio National

What is Last Woman Hanged about?

On one level, it's a story about a woman on trial for murder. It's about marriage, betrayal, justice, poverty, and arsenic.

It's a true crime story, set in the late 19th century.

That's on one level - but it's also about something much deeper, and it's the deeper issues that I talked about on Breakfast with Fran Kelly on Radio National today.

It's about the fierce campaign fought by women in the 19th century to get the vote. It's about the battle by women to stand for parliament, to take their seats in the halls of power, and to finally have a say in such matters as how many times a person can be tried for murder; and whether capital punishment is appropriate, in any circumstance.

It's about standing up for justice. It's about not taking any injustice, sitting down. Have a listen.

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