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Lives of freedom, and of choice

The official launch of Last Woman Hanged is tonight (Monday, 27 October.)

It will be held at the Gallipoli Club, and my host is Anne Henderson of the esteemed The Sydney Institute.


Several of Louisa's direct descendants will attend.

One guest we won't see is Richard Pottie, and I'm sad about that. Richard is directly descended from Eliza Pottie, the blue-eyed, pink-cheeked Quaker lady who fought so hard for Louisa's life.

Eliza went on to become a leading suffragette. As women, we owe her thanks.

Richard lives out Orange way, and although I hoped that he would be able to come, the distance and a couple of niggling health problems has made it tricky, but he wishes us all well, which is lovely. And he enjoyed the book, which warms my heart.

The official launch comes after last week's lunch for 40 ladies, held at Chiswick (owned by Matt Moran, who popped in to make sure everyone was happy - and we were!)

The Australian newspaper had a terrific story about that lunch today, with photographs of the MC, Mia Freedman, and speaker, Leigh Sales, as well as some of the other women who attended.

I can't tell you how wonderful it was, to sit at those lovely tables and enjoy a meal in the company of women who are working as doctors, lawyers, politicians, human rights advocates, editors, or managers; and with women who aren't working at all, because that's their choice ... with women who have children and women who don't; with women who are striving for the boardroom and with women who prefer a part-time role, so they can tend to the little ones ... with women living lives of freedom, and of choice.

It's what the women who fought for Louisa wanted for us ... to be able to choose our own paths, just as men have long been able to do.

Eliza Pottie would have been proud (although perhaps not about the alcohol - there was the odd glass of wine consumed - she was very definitely temperance!)

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