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First copy, hot off the press, as they say

Well, here it is.

The very first copy of Last Woman Hanged.

My first book in hardcover.

Five years in the making.

It has a picture section in the middle and more than 400 footnotes.

I feel very proud of it - and I cannot wait to send it out into the world, so that YOU can decide whether Louisa deserved to hang - or did we make a terrible, terrible mistake?

The book has only been read by a handful of people - it's not actually out until the end of the month - but I have spoken to one lawyer already who has said: never, never, never would Louisa be convicted today. Never!

And hearing that, I felt ... I don't know. Overwhelming sadness. Sorrow. And yet there will be people who disagree, who say, come on, you're soft in the head! Of course she did it. Which is fine. All I wanted was to put the evidence forward. People can make up their own minds. I know I've made up mine.

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